What do you think being spiritual is? Most people have images of a long haired person  meditating under a tree at the top of some mountain.  Maybe its selling all of your possessions, becoming a vegetarian, and wandering the country hugging everyone you meet.  What most people don’t realize is that you can be spiritual while eating meat and watching television in your condo.  Spiritual people can laugh, cry, work at a corporate job… and get this, they’re even allowed to be angry!  Spirituality isn’t for the chosen few, it’s a part of everyone’s life whether or not they realize it.

Like all societal categories, spirituality has its fair share of generalizations and most people think it’s something that’s for those other people.  Spiritual coaching is a great way to experience the essence of spirituality, which is learning about yourself and how you connect with the world around you.  Spirituality is an individual matter.  Any attempt to define what spirituality is for you is like trying to convince you to like my favorite color.  A Spiritual Coach’s job isn’t to define spirituality for you, it’s their job to help you discover it for yourself.  A coach can guide and direct you to investigate areas of your life in a holistic manner, that is, emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Each person has a unique learning style and it’s up the coach to assess the way you learn best, and use your strengths to help you live a more fulfilling and happy life.

Spiritual coaching is a way to reconnect with your life purpose and lead a more fulfilling and engaged life.  The goal is to fully connect with living, not remove yourself from it.  That’s not to say that the spiritual gurus or masters are doing it wrong, but their purpose and life goals are not the same as yours.  Like any endeavor, no one can tell you what’s going to bring happiness into your life, a spiritual coach helps to disentangle all the messages we receive from our parents, friends, and society.  The goal is to filter through how everyone else has told you to live your life, and get back in touch with what your gut and heart tell you.  We’ve all spent years squashing our inner voice and guidance, a spiritual coach shows you how to quiet the other messages, while turning up the volume on your own heart.

As you listen to your own life purpose, spirituality just happens.  You don’t have to work night and day searching for what the right decision is, you’ll know, or more accurately, you’ll feel it.  And most importantly, you’ll trust it.  It’s time to listen to our hearts, and trust that life happens the way it’s supposed to.  There are no mistakes, only lessons.  You win some, and you learn some.

Spiritual coaching helps you to be who you are, whether or not it’s quietly meditating next to a tranquil lake in the woods is up to you.