Session Availability

  • Sessions are available Monday through Friday from 10 am until 8 pm (Eastern Standard Time)
  • While I work hard to accommodate various schedules, please understand that session time availability is not guaranteed. I recommend scheduling at least a week in advance for optimal availability.

Contact Information

What’s a holistic session like?

While no two sessions are ever the same, your first session with me will typically have a different feel from followup sessions. In addition, one hour sessions are different than the Triumphant Two Hour session. For simplicity sake, here’s what happens in a typical Triumphant Two Hour Session.

  • Two Hour Triumphant Session
  • We start with a check-in with you. Maybe something amazing happened as a result of our last session or you have a new goal you want to share. Or you just want to yell because some jerk cut you off on the way over to your appointment!
  • Once we identify some potential areas you’d like to work on, I’ll use a number of different techniques to start bringing new awareness to your conscious and subconscious mind. Don’t worry, you don’t have to actually do too much other than answer questions (that’s the beauty of subconscious mind work).
  • At some point, most people begin to feel or sense how various issues have been stored in the cells of their body and this is where the magic happens. Unexpressed emotions, limiting beliefs, disconnected memories are just a few possibilities of what can come up. These buried issues affect our everyday life whether or not we are aware of them. By bringing them to the surface, we can allow them to dissipate and release.
  • As we continue the session, I’ll guide you through methods to dissipate the repressed beliefs, emotions, etc. These methods are customized to your specific needs in the moment. It’s very important, in my opinion, to recognize in the moment what you need for the best results as opposed to using a “cookie-cutter” textbook method.
  • Once the bulk of the energy has dissipated, we work on instilling new beliefs and feelings where negative influences once lived. As we work through the new beliefs, I utilize several techniques to help your conscious and subconscious mind to integrate the new information.
  • Once that’s complete, we’ll move on to incorporating your new experience into your body’s energy system as well. This is usually some form of hands on energy work, again customized to your particular situation.
  • Almost done! As we wrap up, we’ll finish with a summary of the work we’ve done and then I’ll usually give you a technique or two to help maintain the results.
  • Mission accomplished!

How do I make the most of my first session?

While it is not necessary to do anything before our first session, here are some areas you may give some thought to prior to our first session. Feel free to write them down if you’d like, but again, it’s not necessary.

  • Assess the various areas of your life and make a note of any area you would like to improve or change. Some areas to consider are relationships (friends, coworkers, partners, boss, spouse, children, parents, etc), vocational, financial, projects, business, social, physical health, etc. Feel free to note something even if it seems minor at this time.

  • Assess the areas of your life that bring you joy now. What do you want more of in your life? Consider the same areas as above.
  • Do you recognize any blocks or reoccurring patterns in your life that have kept you from what you want? It’s okay if you don’t yet. I’ll teach you how soon enough!
  • Relax and prepare to have the greatest adventure of your life!