Benefits of Triumphant Coaching

  • Feel engaged and empowered in your life again… remember when you had a bounce in your step and nothing could stop you?
  • Get rid of limiting beliefs and learn how to let go of negative emotions that hold you back from your dreams and the life you want.
  • Embrace the moment, and learn how to let go of doubt, worry, and fear.
  • Restore your sense of balance and well-being; you don’t have to feel crazy anymore.
  • Enhance the relationships in your life with healthy boundaries and a sense of purpose.
  • Get back in touch with who you really are.
  • Bring more peace, grace, happiness, gratitude, joy, forgiveness, stillness, and tranquility into your life now and start living the life you want and deserve now!

How are sessions conducted?

  • Sessions via Skype (video webcam)
  • Most sessions are conducted via Skype webcam. Don’t worry, these are just as effective as in person sessions.
  • Please ensure you have a block of time free from disruptions. This includes spouses, pets, children, relatives, etc.
  • Your location
  • Sessions may also be conducted at your location. It is necessary to have complete privacy and quiet at your location. I have a fully mobile setup, all you need to provide is an electrical outlet.

Types of Sessions

While all services are available individually, most clients choose the combination Triumphant Two hour session once they experience it. The combination of holistic methods that addresses the mental, emotional, and physical body is very powerful. Not only will you recognize the changes, you’ll feel them, and within days after a session, you’ll notice that you’re suddenly doing things differently and people are reacting to you differently. It’s such a great feeling!

  • Two Hour Triumphant Session
  • A two hour holistic coaching session that combines conscious mind, unconscious mind, and energetic cellular body work. By combining and working on an issue from all angles, the body and mind are able to let go of stuck issues and incorporate new behaviors much quicker than traditional coaching and counseling.
  • Standard one hour coaching/counseling session
  • One hour sessions usually focus on conscious and unconscious mind work, and provide significant changes in personal awareness and behavior.

Session Packages and Rates

All packages and sessions are paid for in advance by PayPal, WePay, Credit, Cash or Check.

  • Brand New Life Transformational Package – $2,495

    (Save over $1,000 with this package!)
  • Are you ready to commit to having a new life the way you want it? Experience your life with a drastic reduction in stress, tension, and anxiety. You won’t recognize your old life once we’re done. Bring more empowerment, love, and success into your life now. You’ll have six full months of unlimited email support to go along with your 20 sessions. It’s going to be awesome.
  • Kick Start Transformation Package – $1395 (Save $355)
  • A great way to revamp your life! Self-esteem, confidence, drastic reduction in anxiety, tension, and stress. 10 full sessions over 3 months, Unlimited email support.

  • Starter Package (5 Sessions) – $775 (Save $100)
  • Do you have one specific thing you’d like help with? Then this starter package is for you.
  • Single coaching session – $175
  • Single session. Single sessions are only available to clients who have completed a package of coaching sessions with me. (New clients must sign up for at least the Starter Package.)