“When I first commenced my sessions with Gary he referred to the process I would undergo as a journey – a healing journey. At first I found this a fanciful term, but I soon came to realize how accurate it was. Gary provided me with insight and clarity of thought which allowed me to understand the inner workings of my thought processes. Within each of us lies an entanglement of cause and effect, much of which was defined by our experiences as children; however more often than not these reactions are no longer relevant to us as adults. Gary showed me this, and a journey involving re-assessing what it means to be me was revealed. Now, I am having an exciting and enlightening time re-asserting myself how I want to be, and it was truly sparked by Gary’s talent as a life coach and attentiveness as a caring person.”  — S.V., Vancouver, British Columbia

“I wanted to write to tell you how much of a help you have been through my life’s endeavors, and I have learned that they aren’t very different from others. You were an incredible ear, but more importantly you asked the hard questions that most people are afraid to broach. You were able to draw out the answers in a fashion that didn’t seem as if you were prodding and allowing me to come to a satisfactory conclusion myself. Within my own spiritual journey you held my hand without pulling it, and used your other hand to point out interesting side roads along the main path we were walking. I have been amazed with your insightfulness and ability to be direct without being overbearing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, there will always be a special place for you there.” — I.W., Jacksonville, FL

“Like many, I knew that I had unresolved issues that were inhibiting my progress in life: in relationships, my career, and the pursuit of happiness. But for me, confronting my demons was a task I was ill-equipped to properly handle on my own. Gary’s approach established an environment of trust right off the bat – and his techniques guided me by asking and focusing my attention on the questions and thoughts that would access my inner-most fears and spiritual blockages. Gary is a blessing to anyone that wishes to understand some of the “whys”. My work with him allowed me to understand my inhibitors and blockages and let them go, finally. He helped me gain understanding and confidence to truly realize my potential in this world.” — R.D., New Westminster, British Columbia

“Gary is one of the most unique and amazing individuals I have ever had the fortune to meet. He lives his life with a passionate and loving energy that infects everything he does. His ability and insight allow him to see the core of any issue and you know when he speaks it comes from the heart. Gary, helping and inspiring people is what you were meant to do and don’t ever stop. ”  — A.K., Vancouver, B.C.

“After working closely with Gary Nguyen for over a year I have witnessed firsthand his amazing magnetic personality.  People are drawn to him no matter when and where.  Willingly pouring their hearts and souls, seemingly sometimes without having shared even the slightest history together. Gary has this gentle, patient persuasion in his counselling and coaching practice.  An indication of how advanced his skills are, is how he makes the difficult work he does appear effortless to the outside observer.  His strong intuitive capabilities allow his clients emotional healing to begin almost immediately. Gary’s heart is like this bottomless well, just goes on forever and he is there to support you until the end. I am forever grateful.” — M.C., Vancouver, British Columbia

“Gary has a genuine spirit and a sincere desire to help people be the best they can be. His guidance has aided my search in life for purpose and I am truly thankful. —p.s. I have a slogan for you. “Gary. Better than a Snuggie.” ” — P.S., Portland, Oregan

“My sessions with you have opened up a world of spirituality and healing for me I did not know existed. Without your love and patience I would have never tapped into my strength to look at the deeper side of me. You never fail to make me feel safe and loved so I may let go and open my mind to the possibility of change. Over the last year, we have shared pivotal moments that have changed my life forever. Had it not been for you, I would have continued to live my life completely disassociated from my thoughts and patterns. I am so blessed to have you touch my life. I trust you with my soul.” — B.K., North Vancouver, British Columbia

“Gary has helped me to see myself for the wonderful and beautiful human being that I am. I will never forget the day he challenged me and asked me what I was “hiding” and he listened to what I had to say without judgment! He has coached me through many rough spots. He has just the right amount of empathy and tough love, to get me to move ahead and not get stuck!! Gary has also been an amazing counsellor, one of the very few that I have ever really trusted, and therefore I was able to really open up and go to incredibly deep levels!! He is amazing at holding a very safe space in which you can look at those areas that are unbelievably scary and face them and grieve them and then let them go and move on, knowing that you weren’t alone! One day that I will never forget was the day my younger self showed up and was terrified with the surroundings, but Gary was there for me when so many others gave up on me and didn’t know how to help, he pushed through and believed in me, and in doing so created such an amazing safe space that that day will forever be in my memory as an extraordinarily amazing and incredible day! Gary is ingenious at seeing your strengths and working from them!! With Gary you truly feel heard, seen and understood! He encourages, empowers and strengthens you to be who you were born to be!” — D.G., Vancouver, British Columbia